Sunday, August 6, 2017

The animated web object, 2004. is a moving picture made in 2004 by myTHself, Christopher Wonker.  It was built in ‘Flash’ to be on the web in a time before YouTube and it has been live ever since.  Flash was a visually intuitive drawing program ubiquitous but almost extinct now.  Most of the imagery is ‘vector’ based giving it unlimited definition for the modest file size essential for it’s day.  The website contains about 20 minutes of animation measuring about 2MB but with at ID (Infinite Definition?! having googled this word paring I think I have just coined a new phrase - It's lovley!  ID - Infinite Definition - a special feature of vector based animation) .

Opening with an emotive ‘creation myth movie’ the website establishes a plausible new family of holiday heroes ‘The Easter Legs’. The tension is made explicit in the collective presentation of the individual family members and the values, emotions they express and provoke.

Whilst building the website Christopher Wonker discovered a page he did not create featuring the EasterLeg he calls Jesus’ leg.  He has since wondered if this was the second coming of Jesus Christ as a digital avatar or at the very least a divine miracle. See if you can find this divine Easter egg when you explore

A second version of the website exists  in which the Jesus leg character is replaced by a yellow eyed pink furry monster 'Beast Leg'. Blood continues to drip although now it follows the curve of long vicious talons. This version of the site has never been 'live' on-line.

Still Image taken from EaserLegs in the costume of their father featuring BeastLeg. 

The EasterLegs dressed as their father featuring Beast Leg.

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