Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Christopher Worker

I left university with a degree in Architecture during the UK recession of the early 1990's and did not find a work placement.  I moved into a shared house in London and lived on government benefits whilst exploring the capital and seeking work.  I was Christopher Jobseeker. 

This was the first time I had not been in full time education since I was 4yrs old.  I developed my own creative investigations and projects whilst starting to take on manual odd jobs for money.  Eventually I emerged as a skilled self employed house painter with an eye for colour and detail. I was Christopher Worker.   I've returned to this work throughout my life repairing and painting hundreds of walls and ceilings sadly mostly white.

From 2013-18 using assets my wife inherited and occasional help from friends I built a house.  We rent this house out to nuclear engineers & holiday makers, the income helps win me time to make pictures.   After 2 years of  Fulltime Christopher Building Worker I must now do fulltime Christopher someone else.

I was the ih last bunch of architecture students to not draw on computers ... drawing with pens is much nicer work - you can listen!!

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