Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wings (1)

I've only seen angels, fairies or demons fly in films or seeming to fly in pictures.

To attain flight wings must be capable of creating lift.  For the last few months I've been making a pair of wings to assist with a flight through culture.  For more than 20 yrs I've pictured myTHself Christopher Wanker with the map of the UK behind attached to him via his cock London's Cock.

This picture made in 1998 shows me trying to become myTHself Christopher Wanker.  I've cut around some of the figures so a map could be inserted or the figure folded out into another dimension from the picture plane.   I made a 3D clay phallus with London's cock as cross section to help me integrate and act out in the picture making.

20 years later in computer sketches preparing for "La Bataille D'Isigny" I began to depict CW with his cock London's cock and a pair of map wings made adding a second mirror image UK map digitally extracted from google.  In composition with the EasterLegs and Walkerloo paper soldiers Christopher Wanker begins to become Christopher WonkerWankerWalkerloo, myTHself Trinity.

The real wings are made from 4 deconstructed 'AA Handy Glove Box Road Atlas's' (and their copyright spell) and painted fleshy mirror Britain maps applied to wood composite panels.   I hope a good flap will aid their flight after take off... scratch the face of Disney.

myTHself Trinity goes to Paris

In October 2018 I made a small exhibition of myTHself in Normandy and announced I was to invest more of myTHself into the real pretend war my paper soldiers had been involved in for 10 years.  A video blah blah was made introducing myTHself's new strategic direction.

Last Saturday afternoon at about 2pm, I myTHself Christopher Walker transformed into the real pretend warrior fairy angel - 'Trinity myTHself, Christopher WonkerWankerWalkerloo' and began to prowl around La Grande Halle de La Parc de la Villette, venue for the pop culture festival Comic Con Paris.  Two weeks earlier I'd performed this transformation for the first time in public whilst making the film  'La Bataille D'Isigny :  L'Allumage des Bites'  (coming soon...)

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***Bankers make money - I myTHself make pictures.  Many banks choose to buy famous pictures with their money.  Christopher Wanker is the Fantasy Banker - His cock is London's cock!  It's a fantastic promotional tool specially developed for mass cultural insertion or  'fame/infamy'.  You could make money with Christopher Wanker's pictures if you buy NOW while they're cheap and sell when they're not! YOUR INTEREST IS MY INTEREST!***

With the help of my wife I walked and talked amongst the humanity of comic con Paris.  'In my suit I feel a part of my country' I announced 'I am Christopher Wanker the Fantasy Banker and My Cock is London's cock!'... 'I declare real pretend war on all those that are part of Disney'...   As Trinity myTHself Christopher WonkerWankerWalkerloo I wear a smart serious pinstripe suit and tie although with the pants pulled down around my ankles.  Attached to my back are map of Britain wings stretching 3 metres high and 2 metres wide.   I wield a Walkerloo sword made from my Walkerloo paper soldiers and defend or deflect glances and blows with my EasterLegs shield.  I did much real pretend Battle action with cosplayers dressed in disney IP (intellectual property) controlled costumes.  And I gave out many unnumbered Fantasy Bank business cards.

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***Have you ever watched one of those TV antique shows?  Discovered pictures always out value other old stuff - even jewelry!  If only your ancestor had known an artist and bought their work when the price was low enough for anyone to buy their pictures,,, OH! and great art is often cheap because the best artists always spend time being poor - it helps clarify their vision.  YOUR INTEREST IS MY INTEREST.  BUY a Fantasy Bank Commodity... while you can!***

Even in a festival of carnivalesque costumes myTHself Trinity stood out from the crowd.  Although immediately shocking due to my inferred below waste nudity I was in fact donning a full costume and was prepared and did discuss issues other comic con visitors had concerning my 'originale' appearance.  No one was upset or hurt although I did have a minor incident with a Captain America pro cosplayer.  Funny getting moral concern from a man in a skin tight leather fetish suit messing about with a bunch of others in skin tight leather fetish suits - Wonder Woman looked special... QUICK... where's me bloomin shield!?!

On Sunday for cultural contrast we visited the Musee Quai Branly Jacques Chirac.  This super museum displays numerous and fascinating collections of cultural objects from all over the world.  It was dis-alienating and encouraging to see the quantity and variety of artist and artisan made objects on display from cultures around the world that considered a phallus a necessary and overt part of meaningful expression.

I'm going to make a Symbolic Christopher Wanker TopHat that I can wear in my CW downboy time walking about crowded exhibition halls...  my pants up, my wings down but my hat on.  I see why Picasso dug this museum.  It's filled with inspirational objects.   Thanks to Anais, Fabrice, Noami & Adelle for putting us up so well xx.

Oh, and I myTHself made a new website... .

Monday, October 28, 2019

Serendipity & myTHself. making it up or drawing it out?

edgy fictorial in your head piles that make me pictures, the culmination of things witnessed, seen and re-seen in time and place worked, rubbed and eventually shined to brilliance to shed light... reveal a message? 


look,,, listen... do you see what it is saying? ... can you?  can anyone?

who has the right to share their thoughts?  who can they share them with?


If serendipity is to be used seriously in... art pictures it must have a legitimate meaningful role in the formation of the object, I don't want to just use chaos as a medium for contrast with an imagined image of order... it must form a compelling part of the message... ... it must bear witness to the poetic vision.  hmmmm, tricky ascribing meaning to the path that lies behind our signifying significant facade.  A seemingly random or serendipitous flow of reality interpreted through animal vision, reformed through a self into a thought object and pushed back out into a form to be outside and so thought about.

Stories wielding chance formed by poetic or aesthetic conviction could be said to channel the power of chaos in the construction of reality.   I saw it in the tea leaves... I saw it in the clouds... I saw it with my own eyes...

But the only true word is now.

This paint was put on an office wall over a bank holiday weekend when the office was empty... it was a weekend of highs and lows... the ladder helped.  I think the business owner was very happy with the result.  Although she never did pay me - she's very successful in business!  I think abstract art lends itself to business with great success and very little criticism.  The limey green is in the corporate logo. Action type abstracts seem express the capture of 'now'... hmmmmm. now made then.

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