Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The First Public Appearance of myTHself Christopher Wanker Fantasy Banker in the London Borough Of Hammersmith & Fulham 'Open' Exhibition 1997

Two almost identical 2.5D picture objects called  'An Introduction to Christopher Wanker' were made and exhibited side by side in the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham Open 1997. 

The one of the pair in the photo above was given to a friend in exchange for his sponsorship of the large format colour prints of Christopher Wanker.  He told me his ex wife threw it out some years later.  The remaining picture spent 8 years on the wall of a lively shared house in Fulham 1997-2004 and now sits in my studio causing trouble.

Each 2.5D wall mounted foam core sculpture had printed application forms for interested parties to take write comments and post back into the picture on a detachable part of the form via the slot in Christopher-Wanker-the-Fantasy-Banker's 'desk'.  The 'desk' representation also acted as a device enabling Christopher Wanker to appear in public trouserless and yet keep his major asset, his cock London's cock, unexposed.

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