Sunday, June 25, 2017

Christopher Wonker 2/08/2006 & 25/06/2017. myTHself.

He/I is the creator of the EasterLegs.  He/I is Christopher Wonker.

"It was the Wednesday before Easter in 1998, my niece was almost three. I felt obligated to send her a gift for the first Easter she would be aware of. I lived in London, she lived in the north east, I had about 3 pounds.  I went to the shops and saw all the Easter eggs, I had enough money to post a choclate egg but not buy it as well.  I went home and set about making a gift. I was going to send her a simple chocolate bar but there is more to Easter than that... holiday gifts should be more than stuff given. The previous Christmas I'd shared a joke with my niece. I pointed to my knees and asked 'if you are my niece, who's knee's are these?' ... she laughed aloud. It was the first joke we shared. I thought about the cardboard Christmas stockings I got as a child. It had regular chocolate bars stuck to a piece of card board in the shape of a stocking, this had made them special for Christmas. I thought about Easter eggs.... Easter eggs.... and then Easter Legs!!
I drew a large comedy cartoon leg and gave it googly eyes, a nobly knee, and prickly hairs, wrote on it ''to my knees", attached a few regular chocolate bars and posted it to her. I heard my niece had been delighted to receive her Easter Leg.
Over the next few weeks I began to ponder my idea. Broke, I wondered how I could make money with it. I drew all kinds of cartoon legs: animals; sportsmen; heroes; monsters. Then I drew a cartoon leg... with cartoon wood behind it... and I banged a large cartoon nail write through them both, the cartoon nail wound of the cartoon leg ran red cartoon blood. I had crucified an EasterLeg.  What was it's relation with Jesus' leg?

Brought up through the catholic church this Easter Leg picture/idea held power over me. I loved it. But to sell the idea must I forget it?  This tension of values interested me and was the turning point in providing the ideological momentum for the animated flash website "

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