Monday, October 28, 2019

Serendipity & myTHself. making it up or drawing it out?

edgy fictorial in your head piles that make me pictures, the culmination of things witnessed, seen and re-seen in time and place worked, rubbed and eventually shined to brilliance to shed light... reveal a message? 


look,,, listen... do you see what it is saying? ... can you?  can anyone?

who has the right to share their thoughts?  who can they share them with?


If serendipity is to be used seriously in... art pictures it must have a legitimate meaningful role in the formation of the object, I don't want to just use chaos as a medium for contrast with an imagined image of order... it must form a compelling part of the message... ... it must bear witness to the poetic vision.  hmmmm, tricky ascribing meaning to the path that lies behind our signifying significant facade.  A seemingly random or serendipitous flow of reality interpreted through animal vision, reformed through a self into a thought object and pushed back out into a form to be outside and so thought about.

Stories wielding chance formed by poetic or aesthetic conviction could be said to channel the power of chaos in the construction of reality.   I saw it in the tea leaves... I saw it in the clouds... I saw it with my own eyes...

But the only true word is now.

This paint was put on an office wall over a bank holiday weekend when the office was empty... it was a weekend of highs and lows... the ladder helped.  I think the business owner was very happy with the result.  Although she never did pay me - she's very successful in business!  I think abstract art lends itself to business with great success and very little criticism.  The limey green is in the corporate logo. Action type abstracts seem express the capture of 'now'... hmmmmm. now made then.

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