Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Big Push - Coming Soon - Motivational Object

I'm finishing my film 'La Bataille D'Isigny' - I have been for a few months.   I've not made many films, I've no boss and I'm not getting paid for any work I do. I wrestle it out.  An effort of will and appreciation.  Do I make it for money future money - time invested in objects for a future dividend?

All fantastic projection is capable of yielding reward.  But all projections don't have the same probability of success .  I speculate as a fantasy banker playing with my original projection I have chance of success and so wink the www.TheFantasyBank.com is a one to watch!

Work or play - is it hard to call? ... or too easy to ignore... Or is it now already a forgone conclusion.

Here is an email of application.  I wanted to visit London for the joint 50th birthday party of  two very good friends. To help justify the international travel costs I tried to use it as a deadline to finish my film and use the trip to present myTHself Trinity in London.  I think it helped hasten the production although targets can never ensure success.  And I would like to show the film in Isigny before anywhere else.  It's still a 'W.I.P.' - a Work In Progress or maybe Walkerloo Information & Propaganda?

Email Recipient : a particular cultural facilitator/agent for the corporation of London
Email subject : the City is a part of me... how might I be a part in it?
Image below attached :

"Hello Larry,

I'm an artist* with a special link to the city... it's a part of my fantastic anatomy.  I'm in London on Monday the 3rd of February and would like to walk/pose for pictures in my costume as the special hero myTHself Trinity in the city (link to recent YouTube short [2minute] film introduction).

I've approached Leadenhall market where I've previously (2008) held a stall selling my eccentric self portrait/toy soldier project, The Battle Of Walkerloo (pic attached), it was always very popular there, but I also wanted to enquire as to making an appearance in other public squares or locations in the city on that day.. I understand security is a major concern and didn't want to cause a false security alarm. 

On the evening of the 3rd I'll be premiering my new No-Budget movie 'La bataille D'Isigny - Allumage des Bittes' ... it's the third in a trilogy of short films... (Youtube links)

the first : Toy Soldiers at War part 1 :Walkerloo On The Normandy Beaches 

the second :  Toy Soldiers at War part 2 : They started It

For Leadenhall I've suggested I be present on a 2.5m square green rug with a defensive line of my paper soldiers marking a safe space I can stay within and from where I can pose for pictures or respond to questions... I first appeared as the character at Paris Comic Con (links to my blog) but his origins are in London over 25 yrs ago...  London is a big part of him.

Any suggestions or help would be massively appreciated,

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Walker

Battle of Walkerloo Blog
Review Walkerloo on Google "

At the time of this post, I've made no further contact and received no reply.  But I would still love to present as myTHself Trinity over a Lunch time in Leadenhall... ...perhaps in the summer!

When you write you can have no guarantee that you will be read - or should be... never mind being answered.

Coming soon - a fantastic projection - a motivational object.

*I use the word artist as bastard shorthand for 'picture maker'.

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